Honey for Suppressing Coughs

Honey for Suppressing CoughA study featured in the Archives of Pediatric Adolescent Medicine(2007;161:1140-6) found that honey may be an effective cough suppressant. A single dose of buckwheat honey was given at night time to children 2 to 18 years of age. According to the principal investigator,Ian Paul,the following doses are considered appropriate: NO honey for children under the age of 2 for fear of botulism, for those 2 to 5 years,1/2 teaspoon; for those 6 to 11years; 1 teaspoon; for those who are 12 or older; 2 teaspoons per dose. Doses may be administered every 3-4 hours as needed, though in the actual trial ,doses were limited to once per evening.

Researchers assessed cough frequency and severity, and sleep quality of both child and parent as assessed by surveys completed by parents. For most symptoms, honey scored 15 to 39% better than Dextromethorphan(DM). Continue reading