Smarty Dish Detergent Review

Smarty Dish Detergent - ReviewSmarty Dish dishwasher detergent is a natural non toxic dish detergent that is a good alternative to the standard detergent, but you may want to think twice before buy it. 

The Smarty Dishwasher ingredients are:

Layered sodium disilicate


2-methyloxirane; oxirane

Sodium Citrate

Imino disuccinate

Sodium Carbonate Peroxide

Organic acid salts

Tetra-acetyl ethylene diamine



Sodium Polyaspartate

Fragrance oil blend


Smarty Dish Detergent - Residue (specks) left on glassI haven’t done a full research on all of these ingredients, but I’ll make the basic assumption that it’s better then the typical bleach (chlorine) detergents .

It appears to get the dishes clean but unfortunately leaves soap spots and streaks.

To the left is a picture of a glass that was washed using the Smarty Dish Detergent. If you look closely (click on the picture) you can see the white soap specks.

If you want clean and don’t mind the spots and streaks, then you are in luck.  If you want your dishes to also look clean, then this isn’t the dish detergent for you.  I won’t be buying it again.  Just for reference (since all dishwashers are different), we have a Bosch dishwasher which has worked well and is less then a year old.  It also received decent reviews as well.

See more reviews at:  Warning: I completely disagree with the 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  I would give it 2 out of 5 stars.


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